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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: November 2019

By Ted Kim
Senior Strategist

With holiday creep well underway by November and the holiday’s flagship shopping days occurring later in the month this year (December, in the case of Cyber Monday), any prudent marketer is looking to create as many opportunities as possible throughout the month to engage their customers. And while, broadly speaking, holiday shopping as a theme should dominate your content strategy, there are advantages to leveraging other holidays and events along the way. Look to the below for inspiration on how to stand out amongst the holiday marketing clutter and create unique reasons to engage your customers.

Throughout November



This event to raise awareness about men’s health issues lasts the whole month, which means you can create multiple touchpoints vs. a one-and-done campaign. Here, you’ll see two different ways brands leverage Movember: Liverpool incorporates the stylistic spirit of the event to freshen up how they talk about their merchandise, Headspace taps into the altruistic element.


Liverpool | Subject line: Get Your Movember On

Headspace | Subject line: We’re giving November to Movember

Nov 1-20th

Mercury Retrograde


I’m not into Astrology, but this Pisces thinks there may be an opportunity here - if you know your audience and have established a brand personality that keeps things light. Sand & Sky provides a good example of a fun spin on this energy moment while remaining relevant to their offering.


Sand & Sky | Subject line: We’re spinning out!

Nov 3rd

Daylight Savings


There are a lot of benefits to connecting with your audience on Daylight Savings.  You’re associating your brand with the best day of the year (An extra hour of sleep?  Priceless) and your audience should be more receptive being better rested (partially kidding). As Steve Madden and Mark Girl demonstrate, the email copy practically writes itself. 


  Steve Madden | Subject line: Tic Toc, 25% Ends Tonight + Steve’s Picks

 Mark Girl | Subject line: Save an hour and then some (shop the daylight savings sale!)

Nov 11th

Singles Day


Still the biggest shopping day in the world, Single’s Day is a celebration of “one”-self (ergo its date, 11.11). Started by Alibaba, it’s the closest equivalent in the US is Amazon’s Prime Day. It’s prominence as a Chinese shopping holiday hasn’t stopped global marketers from leveraging the day for themselves. H&M’s email reflects a common approach by retailers by playing with the numbers to offer 11% off.


H&M  | Subject line: Celebrate Singles Day with 11% off the entire site!

Nov 11th

Veteran’s Day


On a holiday dedicated to celebrating the service of all US military veterans, look to Starbucks for inspiration on how a brand can commemorate the day with their customers. This gift-matching promotion involved a significant investment for Starbucks, but the act of good-will represents true brand-building instead of the opposite end of the spectrum, where a sale could potentially creep into tone-deaf territory (X% off for Veteran’s Day).


Starbucks  | Subject line: Here’s how you can thank a veteran

Nov 28th



While we’re talking about a spectrum of different themes to leverage, there are a variety of ways to have your brand resonate on this most thankful of days. Ibotta capitalizes on the event preparation side of Thanksgiving with compelling and relevant offers. Artifact Uprising dedicates an email to a heartfelt message of gratitude to their audience. Leesa is nestled somewhere between the two. Maybe a happy coincidence that all three emails are on the lengthier side, perhaps recognizing most people celebrating this day aren’t going to be out and about.


Artifact Uprising  | Subject line: With Gratitude

Ibotta | Subject line: Let’s give them something to Gobble about

Leesa  | Subject line: A Thanksgiving treat for 2


Nov 29th

Black Friday


Three emails, three observations. 1) One aspect all three of these Black Friday emails share is that they refuse to be bound by a single day, and you should consider it as well.  2) While these appear to be announcements and perhaps standalone emails, we have found clients can have success with sending emails each day as long as their offer, and message, are relevant.  3)  Black is a predominant color…for some reason.


Carhartt WIP | Subject line: Black Friday Weekend

Article | This weekend only: please don’t shop X

Apple | The Apple Shopping Event is almost here


Black Friday

Nov 30th

Small Business Saturday


Competing with the best offers from the biggest brands on Black Friday may be daunting for small businesses. Fortunately, Small Business Saturday is the next day, and the opportunity is real. According to American Express & the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business), consumers spent $17.8 Billion on this day in 2018.*

While a brand like Forest Finds positions this day as the anti-black Friday, The Wooded Barrell takes the opportunity to express gratitude in both spirit and with an offer.


Forest Finds | Shop Small…for Huge Discounts!  November 26th only

The Wooded Barrel | Our Two Favorite Words to Say

Senior Strategist

Ted Kim

Ted has over 15 years of digital multi-channel marketing experience in developing and driving online marketing strategy and programs. Combining experience from top digital agencies and category leading organizations in finance, technology, retail and hospitality, Ted specializes in developing customer acquisition and retention programs, content and communication strategy, and establishing operational and analytic frameworks to institutionalize best-in-class digital marketing practices. As a Senior Strategist at Yes Marketing, Ted provides thought leadership and digital multi-channel expertise to their clients.