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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: March 2019

By Jen Tabbal
Senior Content Director

Throughout March

Multi-day Campaigns


As the spring season arrives, retailers pack away their snow boots and bring out the flowers, sunshine, and, of course, spring-themed puns. Ann Taylor Loft created this simple, clean email to tease a sale coming the next day - a great way to tie-in two things their customers can look forward to - spring, plus a great sale. 

With the first day of spring happening on March 20th this year, you’ve got plenty of time to plan an impactful campaign. Plated, a healthy meal delivery service, uses the opportunity to deliver a content rich email touting all of the gorgeous spring produce you’ll find in their meals and educating their customers and potential customers about the benefits of fresh eating.

March 14

National Pi Day


Who doesn’t love pie? Whole Foods Market uses National Pi Day every year to drive customers into their stores with a giant discount on their delicious pies…and we’re guessing customers leave happily humming a tune with their $100 bag of groceries right along with it.  

King Arthur Flour uses the “holiday” to promote online sales ahead of time using a free shipping hook for sales over $31.41. That’s a lot of flour, but the high-end baking retailer has plenty more to add to your cart once they get you to the website.

March 17

Saint Patrick’s Day


There are many ways to take advantage of this festive holiday to drive engagement and sales – from playing on the word “lucky”, to cute little leprechaun animations, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, 17% discounts, “no pinch” kits selling all manors of green merchandise.

We love J. Crew Factory’s clean and cute email offering you to try your luck on a 10-30% discount that you won’t find until you click through (hello, click rates!) coupled with the bingo card-style assortment of clothing and accessories, many of which include the color green.

Uber Eats used the pull of all that delicious (and deliverable) Irish food that the holiday is known for to drive sales. The email makes it feel like a Saint Patrick’s Day party will be delivered straight to your door.

March 19 - April 8

March Madness


Whether your business is basketball-related or not doesn’t matter during this March Madness season extended-marketing-opportunity-palooza. Help fans get ready for the fun (like air & water does here), create a “final four” of your favorite products, or just play up the excitement of the big game. Unlike a one-day holiday, March Madness also gives you an opportunity to create an email series over a couple weeks counting down to the big game.

Check out the super-cool email from Olive Garden where you can even print off your very own “breadstick bracket” to track your favorite teams down to the Final Four. It’s a slam dunk!

Senior Content Director

Jen Tabbal

Jen Tabbal is a Senior Content Director with Yes Marketing and has been working in email marketing since the days of extravagant IPO parties. She loves both the left brain and right brain aspects of digital marketing. In her spare time, Jen is an avid traveler and cook and her idea of a perfect vacation involves eating her way through the Italian countryside.