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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: June 2019

By Kaitlin Seger
Account Manager

Summer days are officially here

Think double scoop ice-cream cones in the park, refreshing drinks on the patio, BBQ at the neighborhood street festival, and long walks on the beach. Think about those summer Fridays walking out of the office to clear skies and the warmth of the sun beaming down on your face. What’s not to love?

The beginning of summer isn't the only reason to be excited about June – although, after a long, dreary winter, it's certainly something to get pumped about - from celebrating best friends and fathers, to fun food holidays, there are many opportunities to use bright, cheerful colors and keep your subscribers engaged.

Throughout June

The Beginning of Summer


There’s no better way to catch your customer’s eye than with never-ending scoops of ice-cream. You have our attention, J. Crew.

J. Crew | Subject Line: Never settle for just one scoop.

June 4th

National Hug Your Cat Day


National Hug Your Cat Day is a purrfect opportunity for all cat lovers to express a little extra love to their furry companions, and a purrfect opportunity for Canna-Pet to offer a ‘Happy Hug Your Cat Day’ sale. A combination of animals and discounts - hello, open and click rates!

Canna-Pet | Subject Line: Have you hugged your cat today?

June 7th

National Donut Day


Who doesn’t love donuts? Keurig uses National Donut Day every year to drive orders on their doughnut brands – The Original Donut Shop Coffee and Krispy Kreme Donuts Coffee - leaving customers a “hole” lot happier!

Krispy Kreme | Subject Line: A Sweet Deal for National Doughnut Day - 15% Off Pods This Weekend Only

June 8th

National Best Friends Day


Although you might not get the day off work, celebrating National Best Friends Day is still a superb reason for Olive Garden to promote their delicious-looking Italian trios and pitchers of sangria.

 Olive Garden | Subject Line: Breadsticks are better together

June 16th

Father’s Day


These Father’s Day emails have a particular narrative tone – warm and sentimental, inspirational and real. Beardbrand and NOKIA link their brands with the positive virtues of what it means to be a dad. Showing images and copy that bring a smile to the subscribers’ faces as soon as they open the email, proving that Dads truly are a kid’s real-life hero.

Beardbrand | Subject Line: Shoutout to all the dads 

NOKIA | Subject Line: The cure for Father’s Day gift blues

June 18th

National Splurge Day





  1. an act of spending money freely and extravagantly


  1. treat yo’ self

National Splurge Day is a fun, feel-good holiday that was created for you to do something special for yourself. What Goes Around Comes Around and RueLaLa give you permission to overdo it by ordering a whole new summer wardrobe. Oh, and don’t forget to include that trendy handbag (or two).

What Goes Around Comes Around | Subject Line: It's National Splurge Day!

RueLaLa | Subject Line: It's National Splurge Day! Treat Yourself

June 21st

Summer Solstice – First Day of Summer!


The Summer Solstice is upon us, marking the longest day of the year for anyone living north of the equator...also allowing more time for shopping! Solstice Sunglasses celebrated this day by offering up to 30% off on all purchases. Also, check out the catchy color scheme and design Jacquie Aiche used to display their lovely turquoise jewels in celebration of this bright holiday. 

Solstice Sunglasses | Subject Line: Summer Solstice Sale starts NOW!

Jacquie Aiche | Subject Line: Tanned and Turquoise

June 21st

National Selfie Day


Thanks to smartphones and social media, June 21st is National Selfie Day! Whether you love or loathe them, #selfies are a modern cultural phenomenon. MyPhoto encourages customers to share their favorite selfie - while awaiting something fun in their inbox. What’s it gonna be?

MyPhoto | Subject Line: Everyone Lean In. It's National Selfie Day.

June 27th

National Sunglasses Day


Not only are sunglasses fashionable and fun, but also a necessity to protect eyes from the harmful sun rays.

According to The Vision Council, National Sunglasses Day 2018 resulted in more than 1 billion online, social media, and broadcast media impressions. TOMS participated by offering 20% off eyewear for three days, while also showing that they are in business to help improve lives. With every product you purchase, TOMS will help a person in need.

TOMS | Subject Line: 20% off for National Sunglasses Day

Account Manager

Kaitlin Seger

Kaitlin Seger is an Account Manager based out of the Chicago office. Kaitlin joined Yes Marketing in 2018 and manages email marketing campaigns for the Marriott Rewards program. Prior to Yes Marketing, Kaitlin worked on local marketing initiatives and cross-media marketing plans for alcohol/beverage suppliers and Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Kaitlin holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing and Operations Management from the Indiana University of Bloomington. Go Hoosiers! In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and eating her way through the Chicago restaurant scene.