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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: January 2020

By Eric Thude
Account Manager

Ahh January, a time for marketers to (briefly) catch their breath after another crazy and hopefully successful holiday season. This is a month to look back on what was accomplished in 2019, as well as looking ahead to new challenges in 2020. While revenue is always an important metric, January also offers many opportunities to connect with customers in other ways. Let’s dive into some fantastic ideas to build on the old and grow with the new.

January 1

New Year’s Day


There are many ways that people celebrate New Year’s Day; some will be trying to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the festivities from the night before, others will be gearing up for a full day of college football bowl games, and the most ambitious among us will hit the ground running on those New Year resolutions. No matter what your customer’s specific situation, the day offers an opportunity to shine a light on 2019 one last time and officially turn the page to take on 2020.

Beautycounter shared highlights from the previous year while showcasing their accomplishments. Barnes & Noble tapped into the self-improvement vibe with a resolution-themed email. While Crate and Barrel connected with the homebody set.

January 4

National Trivia Day


January 4th is National Trivia Day – who knew?  Looking for a great opportunity to increase engagement, grow your email list, and drive some revenue? If done right, setting up a trivia question can accomplish all the above even on a limited budget. TIP:  Keep the question(s) relevant, communicate rules up front, and have a dedicated landing page with a link to any necessary terms and conditions.

January 14

National Dress Up Your Pet Day


National Dress Up Your Pet Day – Absolute no brainer here. What’s hotter than pets on social media these days? Not much. Not only will social engagement be through the roof, but also the ability to gain new followers from your email subscriber base won’t get much easier. To prove my point, here are some pics of pets in costumes:

January 16

National Get to Know Your Customers Day


If it isn’t already, I’d like to put “Getting To Know You” by Julie Andrews on repeat in your brain for the rest of the day. New year, new start, and a great time to learn more about your customers. This could be the start of a new recurring survey in the newsletter, a poll on social media, or asking your email subscribers to add/update their preferences. TOMS does a great job of keeping their preferences fun and engaging. Note, anything asked of your customers should be honored and executable on your side.

January 20

Martin Luther King Jr. Day


There aren’t many days on the calendar as inspiring as MLK Day. I’m not going to get into all the great things that Dr. King fought for throughout his life, but suffice to say he’s one of the greatest fighters this country has seen without ever throwing a punch. As a brand, this is a time to honor his work and inspire current generations to continue with the principles Dr. King preached. Here we see UFC do a great job of tying the words of Martin Luther King with their brand.

Throughout the month

Countdown to the Super Bowl


Until recently we would have to wait for the much-anticipated commercials until the actual game. Who remembers that? But now, brands are leveraging other channels to build brand awareness. This is especially effective if you don’t have a $5.25 million budget per 30 second ad spot (2019). Yes, 5.25 MILLION DOLLARS. That’s a lot of coin.

Some trends from last year included storytelling, collaborations, and even some attitude – all of which seemed to be well received. But the big opportunity for brands of all sizes is the chance to interact in real time with other brands and your customers. Coca-Cola did a great job last year of responding to their mentions on Twitter.

Honorable Mention

January 18:  National Use Your Gift Card Day (third Saturday in January)

January 24:  National Compliment Day

January 25:  National Opposite Day

January 26:  National Spouses Day

Account Manager

Eric Thude

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