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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: February 2020

By Dan Mailloux
Senior Account Manager

February has always been the second (and shortest) month of the new year, this much we know is true. This February is a little more special though. We welcome a leap year and enter a new decade. To me, 2020 symbolizes a year of clear vision and enhanced focus. This new month and new year remind us to act upon the goals we set for ourselves and to follow through on the work needed to achieve them. Here’s our list of holiday essentials to help you “leap” ahead of this winter season and stay on track.

February 1

National Get Up Day


National Get Up Day is a reminder to always persevere. How does the old saying go? Fall down 7 times and get up 8? All we really know is that the show must go on. What better way to encourage others to get back on their feet than with new gear and a positive mindset?

Many are trying to fulfill their new year resolutions so why not give them the gift of comfort at a stylish and affordable price? Reebok’s catchy “New Year, New Gear” grabs our attention and makes us want to learn how we can start the year strong. Free shipping gives the extra little push consumers may need to get on the right track.

February 2

Groundhog Day


Scenario 1: If the groundhog sees his shadow then we will experience another six weeks of winter;

Scenario 2: If the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow then we know spring is just around the corner.

Engage consumers by sending an email asking them to submit their predictions prior to Punxsutawney Phil’s big debut. Whatever the outcome, there is an opportunity to either introduce new spring products or promote a final winter sale. Clients who participate by voting can be awarded with free shipping on all orders on Groundhog Day.

USA Today shares annual predictions to create some excitement and conversation around Groundhog Day. This can easily be added to a social media post or be sent directly to subscribers in email format.

February 9

National Pizza Day


Can you think of a better way to bring people together than pizza? Probably not. You can partner with a local pizzeria and offer consumers a slice when they shop with you on National Pizza Day; it’s a great way to build relationships in the community.

PowerPak partnered with Domino’s and offered clients the gift of pizza when they shopped with them. They also increased the gift card value based on the amount spent – a nice perk to encourage additional revenue.

February 11

National Make a Friend Day


Encourage clients to join your community by following or engaging on your social media pages. Similarly, you can offer an in-store or online event to bring everyone together. In-store events have the added benefit of providing personal interactions that help you build your brand, foster good-will with customers, and ensure an omni-channel experience.

While it is important to provide clients with a positive online experience, it is equally as important to provide positive in-person encounters too. The personal interactions give you a chance to depict the tone of your brand, which clients don’t usually forget.  

DSW does this very thing by sending exclusive invitations welcoming clients to a private shopping event. Their template says to bring a friend, although this can be modified to reflect National Make a Friend Day and to encourage clients to come meet someone new.

February 14

Valentine’s Day


Love is at the center of everything, so why not share it? You can provide your customers with 10 branded digital Valentine’s Day cards to electronically send to their loved ones. They can share some love while providing visibility for your brand.

Additionally, you can provide your audience with His and Hers gift guides to make shopping for Valentine’s Day easier this year. American Apparel highlights a handful of their bestselling products in this eye-catching gift guide.

February 15

National Wisconsin Day


National Wisconsin Day—the day we recognize the Badger State for becoming the 30th state! Connect with local consumers by sending an email with the history of your company and how you play a crucial part in the community or send your customers a list of fun things to do and explore in this state. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel brings some of Wisconsin’s best experiences to life, as clients can learn, explore—and most importantly—have fun. 

February 18

National Drink Wine Day


Wine can be associated with a night out with friends or dressing up for a special occasion, or even enjoying a glass of wine in front of the fireplace from the comfort of your own home! You can connect with your audience even if your brand doesn’t have wine-related products by offering free shipping so they can spend the time relaxing instead of running around.

Canadian lifestyle show hosts, Steven and Chris, featured an article all about wine tasting for beginners and shared an expert’s favorite wine list. Your CEO could create a list of their own to share with subscribers or you could provide a list of local wineries to visit. This personalizes your brand while keeping the focus on your company.

While National Wine Day and beauty products may seem like odd bedfellows, Caudalie, a brand who specializes skincare products that harness the antioxidant properties in grapeseeds, leveraged the holiday to make a unique connection with their subscribers.

February 20

Love Your Pet Day


Did you know that most households in the US have at least one pet? Love Your Pet Day is dedicated to giving extra attention to furry (and not so furry) friends! This is a great opportunity to promote pet attire and accessories or offer a percentage of sales to a local shelter. AmazonSmile allows clients to select and support charities of their choice. This is a great way to partner with various charities across the country and to ensure your clients know you recognize the importance of giving back.

February 22

National Margarita Day


Spring and travel season are just around the corner, which means it’s almost time to bust out the flip-flops, sunscreen and cocktails. This is a great time to offer travel accessories and swimwear at a discounted price. And since it's National Margarita Day, why not add a fun must-try recipe to celebrate!

Philosophy haircare products released special cocktail scents to reward clients for shopping on National Margarita Day and offered a complimentary shower gel trio when customers spend $50 or more on this day.  

February 29

Leap Day


The end of February marks a day of hope for many who are dreaming of spring weather. This is a great time to have a final winter or year-end sale to move out inventory. Given that a Leap Year only comes once every four years, it is important to recognize this phenomenon knowing your customers will be. Neiman Marcus Last Call celebrates Leap Day with an online only final sale where clients can take an additional 29% off the entire store. The additional sale recognizes that Leap Day is special (29% on the 29th day) and also entices clients to purchase more – clearing the way for new inventory.  


February may be the shortest month, but we can see it isn’t short on excitement. It is important to take advantage of these holidays and energy moments to communicate with consumers and continue to develop and enhance relationships. Events and engaging content that is exciting and unique will help grab your audience’s attention and direct them to our website. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the shortest month of the year! 

Senior Account Manager

Dan Mailloux

Dan has been with the Yes Marketing team for nearly half a decade, and over the years Dan’s experiences have flourished and been remarkable since day one. Dan started at Yes Marketing with the Intelligence Products team, where he learned from the best in the industry and received a tremendous amount of support. Recently, Dan has taken on a new role within the Client Services team, where he brings his vast knowledge of Yes Marketing's products and extensive digital marketing proficiency to the table in order to enrich and improve digital marketing campaigns for clients.