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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: December 2019

By Cheryle Ross
Senior Marketing Strategist

From Cyber Monday through New Year’s Eve, the month of December is packed with opportunities to engage your audience. Check out our list of key shopping holidays and seasonal events and get inspired by brands leveraging the spirit of this time of year to connect with their audience. 

Throughout December

Holiday Gift Guides


December is a stressful and busy month for many people and finding the right gifts for Aunt Betty and Cousin Tim can add to the pressure – especially in a world with seemingly endless options to choose from.

Marketers can help their audiences find the perfect gift with curated gift guides. Apparel retailer J. Crew not only provided links to shop by recipient (women, men, etc) but also by types of gifts. Everlane incorporated customer survey results to lend an element of social proof into their curated recommendations.


J Crew: Our Gift Guide is here. Shop it with 30% off & spread some serious joy

Everlane: Your Most Requested Gifts

Monday, December 2nd

Cyber Monday


 Cyber Monday was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online on the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Denim, leather, and accessories retailer Standard & Strange stood out from the flood of Cyber Monday emails with a 90’s-inspired ASCII art email.

Standard & Strange: ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) It’s Cyber Monday Somewhere…Sail starts *NOW*

Tuesday, December 3rd

Giving Tuesday


Standing in contrast to Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday was started as a response to commercialism during the holiday season.

Ride share platform Lyft made giving easy by incorporating a “Round Up & Donate” feature directly into their app – riders only had to tap a button to donate to a charitable cause. Charity Water took a more traditional approach with a “give now” call-to-action featured prominently below their mission – to bring clean water to people in need.

Lyft: Join #GivingTuesday with Lyft

Charity Water: Today’s the day. Give 100%.

Monday, December 9th

Green Monday


Green Monday falls on the second Monday of the month of December; when shoppers realize they only have around 10 shipping days left before Christmas, and marketers should capitalize on urgency to drive last-minute sales.

Project Juice ran a flash sale on all of their green juice products on Green Monday. And Alternative Apparel tied Green Monday to their environmentally conscious – or “green” – products. Both marketers were able to leverage Green Monday in a way that made sense for their brand, even without overtly promoting holiday gift items.

Project Juice: Green Monday: Fa-la-la-la Flash Sale!

Alternative Apparel: Save Some Green

December 22 – 30

Hanukkah Week


Hanukkah, which is Hebrew for “dedication,” is the Festival of Lights and lasts for eight days. Retailer See’s Candies creates special product lines for the celebration and promotes them well in advance so customers can have them on hand for any Hanukkah-related gatherings.

See’s: Wish them a sweet & happy Hanukkah with See’s!

Tuesday, December 24th

Christmas Eve


Knowing that many people are prone to procrastination (ahem!) and find themselves with shopping left to do on December 24th, marketers will send emails on this day – sometimes more than one – promoting options for those last-minute shoppers.

Lands’ End promotes in-store shopping with a “Find Your Store” call-to-action featured prominently in the email. For those who cannot make it to a store, an e-gift card is an alternative. Lilly Pulitzer takes a similar approach with a “store first, e-gift card second” approach for those last-minute shoppers.

Lands’ End: There's still time to shop in-store for the perfect gift!
Lilly Pulitizer: So many ways to shop before tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 25th

Christmas Day


 Love it or loathe it, many marketers are now sending promotional emails on Christmas Day. The adoption of mobile has been a primary driver of “couch commerce” on days that are traditionally family-focused like Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, some marketers prefer to take a break from promotions on this day and elect to send an electronic greeting card instead.

See’s Candies’ Christmas Day email looks like a greeting card, and features simple messaging focusing on time with family. In contrast, Tom’s uses a self-gifting angle to entice shoppers to shop their sitewide sale.

See’s Candies: Happy holidays from our family to yours!
Tom’s: One last  | 30% off SITEWIDE

Tuesday, December 31st

End of the Year


December 31st, New Year’s Eve, Last Day of the Year – whatever you call it, it’s a time for looking back and looking forward. Marketers of all types use this day to recap the previous year, promote sales, or preview the year ahead. It’s also a great opportunity for non-profit organizations to connect with their supporters and generate donations.

No-kill shelter Cat Adoption Team sent an email highlighting the story of one their rescued cats and reminded supporters that itwas their last chance to make a contribution before the end of the tax year.

LOFT sent a simple note of thanks to their customers wishing them a Happy New Year.


Senior Marketing Strategist

Cheryle Ross

Cheryle has nearly 15 years of experience spanning multiple digital marketing disciplines, with a strong emphasis on eCommerce, email marketing, and display advertising. She’s passionate about the customer experience and injecting a little bit of fun into everything she does. Prior to joining Yes Marketing, Cheryle worked for a wide range of organizations including Xerox, WebTrends, Lucy Activewear, and InFocus.