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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: August 2019

By Gurjit Sandhu
Marketing Manager

From the back-to-school season to National Friendship Day, there are many opportunities to celebrate the last month of summer. Check out our list of shopping holidays and unique seasonal events, get inspired by the well-executed campaigns, and start building more fun and engaging campaigns to grab your audience’s attention.

Throughout August

Back-to-school Season


As the second largest retail season after the holiday shopping period, most brands regard back-to-school as a can’t-miss summer theme. The three examples below are great illustrations that - with a little creativity and imagination - almost any consumer brand can connect the value of their offerings to the needs of back-to-school shoppers.

Grammarly promotes its platform as a convincing secret weapon for students hoping to ace their assignments, whereas Nike’s campaign encourages students to start school in style with their Air Max collection. California Pizza Kitchen welcomed the back-to-school season by highlighting their cauliflower crust, making it easy for parents to start the school year with more nutrient-rich vegetables (without sacrificing taste) in their children’s diet.

Grammarly | Subject line: Get 55% Off Grammarly Premium for Back to School

Nike | Subject line: Last chance to start school right

California Pizza Kitchen | Subject line: Say Hello to CPKids Cauliflower Crust!

Throughout August

Transition to Fall


For the fashionistas out there, August also means the arrival of fall fashion styles! Anthropologie went above and beyond in the name of style by inviting their customers in-store for a complimentary fall styling session. Transitioning our wardrobes from summer to fall may not be an easy feat for some of us. DSW understands #TheStruggleIsReal and steps in by offering discounts on the ultimate summer-to-fall footwear line.

Anthropologie | subject line: The shape shift: fall styling event 

DSW | subject line: Today's your Lucky Brand day

August 4th

National Friendship Day


National Friendship Day presents many fun themes that marketers can use to resonate with their audiences (and their BFFs). Rideshare platform, Via celebrated the day by offering a single person rate for customers who bring along a friend for the ride. Pacifica capitalized on National Friendship Day to encourage user-generated content - asking customers to tag their friends on Twitter for a chance to win a free collection of their popular sheet masks.

Via | subject line: +1s  ride free for national friendship day!

August 8th

International Cat Day


Do cats or dogs make a better companion? It’s an age-old question that has fueled many great debates and continues to divide pet-lovers everywhere. Thankfully, we get to recognize and show our love for both types of companions in August. Up first, August 8th is the day we celebrate our feline friends. The San Diego Museum of Art celebrated the day by brilliantly demonstrating the popularity of cats as subjects in art throughout history. Ceramics design company, Magenta Inc., selected a photo of adorable kittens to highlight on Instagram for International Cat Day, which also served as a call-out to encourage more participants in their photo contest.

August 26th

National Dog Day


Closing out the month is National Dog Day on August 26th. Dog lovers have celebrated Dog Day in a variety of ways - ranging from a simple show of appreciation to advocating for rescuing and adopting dogs from shelters. Pampering one’s dog with a spa treatment, high-end toys, and gourmet treats are also gaining popularity on Dog Day. As evident from the example below, Bed Bath & Beyond’s campaign included several high-tech and useful suggestions for customers looking to treat their dog. Baking supplier, King Arthur’s flour celebrated the day by highlighting gift ideas, recipes, and tools to help dog-lovers create homemade treats for their canine friends.

King Arthur Flour | Subject line: Celebrate national dog day!

Bed Bath & Beyond | Subject line: Two paws up! Celebrate national dog day! Fetch some savings with your $25 or 20% off coupon

Marketing Manager

Gurjit Sandhu

Gurjit Sandhu has been in digital and direct marketing for over 6 years, delivering marketing and event management solutions in both fast-paced corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Energized by strategic thinking and the power of marketing technology, she collaborates closely with cross functional teams at Yes Marketing to spearhead multi-channel communications that highlight product innovations.