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Customer-Centric Monthly Marketing Calendar: April 2019

By James Walsh
Account Manager

Hello, sunshine. April is a pivotal month for retailers, when many consumers have finally emerged from their post-holiday winter hibernation. Brands look to show off fresh spring styles and deliver seasonal messaging to warm us up to their products. With holidays and events like April Fools’ Day, Earth Day, Easter, and Tax Day there are a lot of great opportunities to connect with customers in unique and memorable ways.

Keep your subscriber base engaged this month with some lush new marketing content and find inspiration with a few smart spring ideas below.

Throughout April

Spring Themes


The Iconic celebrates the season with a curated selection of product specifically geared toward warmer weather and outdoor adventures. Each collection of items helps to tell a story, rather than being randomly assorted, and use of varying image sizes provides a more engaging visual look than a typical product grid.


The Iconic | subject line: "It’s the first day of spring! What to wear now"

April 1st

April Fools' Day


Who doesn’t love a good April Fools’ gag, doggonit? It’s obvious that American Eagle Outfitters had a lot of fun with this email, showcasing seasonal trends while having a laugh with their subscriber base. Undoubtedly, this is a message of a different breed, yet the traditional discount offer doesn’t stray too far from proven retail territory.

Taking a different approach on the holiday, J. Crew Factory bypasses typical April Fools’ shenanigans with a joke of their own. Their message is simple, yet eye-catching. The use of a solid color background, bold typography, and a distinct lack of product make this email stand out from the retail crowd.


J.Crew | subject line: "This sale is no joke"

April 15th

Tax Day


The connection between underwear and taxes may not be obvious to most, but that didn’t stop Pair of Thieves with this Tax Day message. A riff on typical underwear modelling tropes, this calendar layout uses the tax season to “show off” the product and make sure customers know that the brand can have a laugh at their own expense. Plus, if “SEE THE HUNKS” isn’t a call-to-action, I don’t know what is.


Pair of Theves | subject line: "Talk about a Great Tax Guy!"

Throughout April

Spring Collections


Plated springs into inboxes with this fresh, creative layout. Saturated seasonal colors and crisp modern design evoke the season and perfectly highlight their product: fresh produce. Educational content is used to draw the customer into the message and engage them with the service.


Plated | subject line: "Meet your new spring favorites"

April 21st



This Easter message from greeting card company, Rifle Paper Co. cleverly mimics a hand-crafted card. Floral imagery and gold accents fit with the Easter theme in a soft and open design that clearly tees up the main offer. Some “punny” ad copy below also plays with the holiday motif while drawing the customer into the discount details.

PSD2HTML’s simple email relies on an Easter theme to drive its discount offer and takes a unique approach to tying in the Easter holiday. The idea of a “hunt” helps gamify the interaction, encouraging the customer to visit their site and snag a limited prize.


Rifle Paper Co. | subject line: "Eggcelent Greetings & Gifts for Easter"

PSD2HTML | subject line: "Join the special Easter discount hunt at!"

April 22nd

Earth Day


Rather than simply announcing a sale in honor of Earth Day, Burrow’s thoughtfully designed message highlights the company’s commitment to sustainability. The simple hero image perfectly sums up the environmental approach that’s detailed in the message body, elevating their brand and product in the process.


Burrow | subject line: A small step makes a big impact

Account Manager

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