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Brands We Love: The Wing

By Christina Egan Chang
Senior Designer

The brand

The Wing is a women’s co-working and social space that was founded in 2016 by Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan. These posh workspaces are generating quite a buzz for their stunning interior design, amenities, and commitment to creating a space for women to thrive. “If you build it, they will come” certainly applies to The Wing – with 13 physical locations in use or currently being built, the waitlist to be a member continues to grow. The spaces are created with women’s needs at the forefront of design. The standard co-working environment is enhanced by the addition of pumping rooms, showers, in-house cafes, quiet rooms, and recently – The Little Wing, a dedicated space for working parents in need of a few hours of childcare.

The lesson for marketers

So why sign up for their marketing messages if you’re not a member? If the brand mission appeals to you (“The professional, civic, social, and economic advancement of women through community”) your inbox is in for a treat.

Marketers, take note: The Wing is showcasing how to take your brand mission and live it through physical spaces, products and a media platform, all while gaining a fast-growing loyal audience.

Let's explore the top 3 strengths that make the brand stand out:


1. Community stories and brand transparency

A membership to The Wing provides access to a top-notch networking space to conduct your business. Scan a few emails from The Wing and you’ll see that’s not typically the focus of the message, it’s not even mentioned in every message. Often businesses choose to push product sales and cross-sales of companion products without touching on the heart of why you should spend your money with their company. In contrast, marketing emails from The Wing share stories of member’s achievements and the stance the company founders are taking on current issues (such as family separation at the border).

Marketers know consumers are more committed than ever taking their dollars to companies that align with their own values. This precarious move to be unabashed with who The Wing is as a company has perhaps led to the loss of a few customers but proved ultimately to be a successful venture to building a loyal customer base.    

2. Physical spaces and media clearly reflect mission statement

Like other outstanding brands who reflect on their mission statement with every action they take (AirBnB, Southwest, Squarespace, to name a few), The Wing has continued to stay true to its goal of building a community of women and providing what they need to thrive. This goes beyond a safe and inspiring place to complete a day’s worth of work tasks and build a network.

The Wing has expanded into the field of media with a bi-annual publication, No Man’s Land, and a podcast of the same name (podcasts arguably being the newest and fastest growing way users choose to receive media). These platforms push content on thought-provoking and ambitious women, subjects strategically aligned with the user audience. Products in their shop include necklaces that read “Self-Funded” and men’s shirts that say “Wing Man.” Profiting off a successful idea (or mission statement) never looked so good.

3. Lively design and engaging content

Emails coming from The Wing are guaranteed to be colorful, humorous, and bewitching in content – personifying the physical co-working spaces where this brand got started. Subscribing to their marketing emails means you will receive an array of promotional, news-oriented, and ecommerce messages. The core brand identity seamlessly adapts to these different messages. By using a mix of color palettes and typefaces, the tone and personality of each message is apparent upon open.

The Wing’s emails contain language that is always straight-forward and amusing, with direct calls to action. In the ecommerce email promoting their “Raising Hell” T-shirt, a primary CTA read “Shop Now” and a secondary CTA read “Raise Hell,” with both buttons taking you to the same page on their ecommerce site. That’s The Wing’s design approach in a nutshell: direct, and not afraid to have fun. The variety of color and typefaces in the branding toolbox means messages never feel repeated or tired, and yet, because they are utilized thoughtfully, messages from The Wing continue to feel cohesive and recognizable.

The Wing is an excellent example of how a brand stayed true to, what might be considered a risk-taking, value statement, and proved it to not be a risk at all. Instead, it has led to a satisfied and trusting customer base.

Senior Designer

Christina Egan Chang

Christina Egan Chang - Christina is a senior designer with nearly a decade of experience in the marketing world, and has spent the last five years helping brands celebrate what they do best in email format. A native to Upstate New York, Christina is based in the Chicago office and earned her BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. When she’s not at work, she likes to take advantage of all that living in downtown Chicago has to offer- live music, festivals, Chicago sports, running by the lake, and exploring the neighborhoods with her husband and daughter.