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Brands We Love | Warby Parker

By Eda Lam
Art Director

This month’s Brands We Love series features Warby Parker, a highly successful e-commerce retailer that started off with humble beginnings (when four business students asked “why are glasses so expensive?” and then dared to change the industry) and grew into a billion-dollar company. We’ll share a few key strengths Warby Parker has mastered and what makes the brand so visually unique and enticing.

Strong Brand Identity

From well-designed products to a strong and innovative online presence, Warby Parker knows the importance of brand consistency. After 8 years of success, Warby Parker's original brand identity still resonates. They’ve created a visual experience that cultivates consumer loyalty, and not to mention, stunning product photography that is a cherry on top.

Authentic Core Values

Warby Parker believes that everyone has the right to see perfectly and that a pair of well-designed frames shouldn’t cost a fortune. A socially-conscious brand that gives back to the community while establishing their own culture, Warby Parker donates a pair of eyeglasses for every pair sold. It’s not hard to fall in love with their vision.

A Brand That Knows How to Have Fun

As if they didn’t have enough to offer, Warby Parker is constantly engaging with their customers through fun social content. From suggesting where to put your glasses when they're off duty to getting in on Dad jokes, they know how to lighten up their messaging. They even created Warby Barker, where you can purchase glasses for your dog.

Warby Parker has shaken up the glasses industry and established themselves as a strong competitor with their unique business model, strong corporate values, gorgeous aesthetic and playful messaging.

Art Director

Eda Lam

Eda Lam is an Art Director at Yes Marketing with 9 years of experience in the creative industry - designing for email marketing, e-comm marketing, digital advertising, to social media. At Yes, she leads the design direction for Olive Garden’s email campaigns. When she isn't creating innovative work for top brands and agencies, she can be found eating her way around NYC, attending concerts, and riding her bicycle.