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Brands We Love | Huckberry

By Kathleen Schaefer
Analyst, Intelligence Products

Huckberry is a strong brand that creatively uses email to evoke the feeling and mood of wanderlust and successfully tie it to their products.

Continuing our Brands We Love series, this month we’ll focus on Huckberry, an apparel and accessories retailer that uses creative imagery and playful copy that reads more like a travel blog than an advertisement. We explore how Huckberry features their strong brand voice within email, from written copy to carefully curated product descriptions. In a time when traveling and adventure is trending more than ever, Huckberry successfully uses email to lay their foundation as an addictive retail brand that keeps subscribers returning for more.


Traveling; Leaves you speechless and then turns you into a story teller.

Creating a strong brand voice requires a deep understanding of what the brand stands for and who their core audience is – this is where Huckberry gets it right. Geared towards laid back, travel-minded individuals with an itch to explore, Huckberry starts out their emails with a creatively written blurb which introduces and sets the theme of each email.  

Whether it’s a beach in California or a little town in South America, the use of adjectives and verbal imagery invoke every sense to completely immerse subscribers within the email. All copy reads more like a story than sales pitch, so much so that most subscribers don’t pick up on the subtle brand or product callouts.

When most marketers highlight their products, the focus often falls on features and price. These boilerplate product descriptions can eventually feel stale and repetitive. Huckberry takes a creative approach; instead of describing product features, they let the clean product images speak for themselves. Their copy? A focus on where these products were produced. Highlighting the town and country where each of these products were crafted makes subscribers feel as though they are shopping at a local market rather than a big-box retailer.

Content that sticks

Integrating products into content while still maintaining a brand's voice can be challenging - yet done right, can be very powerful. Huckberry continues with their relaxed and travel-focused branding by transforming regular product descriptions into their “vacation essentials” content. Strong imagery of these products being packed into duffle bags helps subscribers envision how these products can accompany them on their next adventure.

Know your audience and advertise to them.

Huckberry rarely offers any promotional incentives within their subject lines or email content. Instead of falling into the cycle of promotion after promotion, Huckberry offers subscribers the opportunity to win “A Trip of a Lifetime”. Starting with a travel quote, this promotion is completely on brand. A written blurb in their consistent brand voice that remains personal, inviting and quirky.

Huckberry doesn’t just invoke the feeling of having a travel buddy – with their inventive use of imagery, creative copy, and relaxed travel-focused tone - they make you believe Huckberry IS your new travel buddy.

Analyst, Intelligence Products

Kathleen Schaefer

Kathleen Schaefer is an Analyst on the Intelligence Products team at Yes Marketing. On a day to day basis she works directly with digital marketers to help them understand the performance of their email marketing efforts ranging from sender reputation and deliverability to analyzing competitor data and providing strategic recommendations. Previously, Kathleen taught web design courses at Fanshawe College and managed the corporate college website as their Web Content Manager. With diplomas in graphic design and digital marketing, she has experience with numerous touch points within the digital marketing industry.