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Brands We Love | Away

By Sterling Crain
Art Director

In the third installment of our Brands We Love series, we’ll examine 3 key factors that have led to luggage company Away’s success. Following the trend of direct-to-consumer startups, Away aims to elevate the historically utilitarian suitcase into the perfect travel companion. They create luggage with thoughtful and functional features, premium materials, and elegant designs. The brand voice is carefully crafted to focus on the journey, not the product, and speaks to their predominately millennial consumers who value experiences, connections, and social causes.


Strong Beliefs

Away connects deeply with its customer base by being open about their beliefs, dedicating an entire page to their core values. By placing the focus on their mission—to create connections, help people explore instead of escape, and make the world a better place—they come across as human and resonate with their audience. Away also partners with non-profit Peace Direct to help them succeed in their mission to foster peace in conflict-ridden areas around the world - demonstrating that Away’s commitment to leaving the world “better than we found it” is more than just words on a page.

Away strong beliefs
Away - building piece

Valuing the Customer

Before developing their most popular product, The Carry-On, the founders of Away conducted focus groups and surveyed hundreds of travelers. Every product decision—including TSA-approved combination locks, hidden laundry bags, and removable batteries—was thoughtfully designed to solve common travel problems. The brand also has a 100-day trial period, lifetime limited warranty for their products, and excellent customer service. Their dedication to creating products that are customer-first creates strong brand loyalty and drives sales through word-of-mouth.

customer focused features - lock
charger in luggage


Even after a customer purchases a new suitcase, Away creates meaningful ways to retain and build upon the relationship. They created a digital magazine with a focus on travel stories, like city guides and cultural reporting, and host a podcast that explores the reasons why we travel. By continuing the conversation long after purchase, Away brings value to their consumers and helps retain a positive association with the brand.

travel stories

Art Director

Sterling Crain

Sterling Crain is an Art Director at Yes Marketing, where he elevates the Marriott Rewards program through impactful email design. In his spare time, he loves traveling, seeing live music and comedy shows, and playing guitar.