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4 Steps to Organic Growth

Organic Growth

As a Senior Marketing Strategist, I often hear from clients that one of their key marketing objectives for the coming year is to grow their email house file. However, clients tend to focus solely on acquisition opportunities (which are an important component) but not a complete strategy for growing their program. What I often do to reframe this for clients, is to have them think about how they can build a robust organic growth strategy, that captures contacts familiar with their brand and products.

In this post, I will go over four organic opportunities that you can implement to help you build an organic growth strategy.

Sell the subscribe

You need to be promoting and selling the big wins for subscribing.  There are a few different ways that you can do this.  One, is to determine a rich and relevant reward that excites and engages your prospects.  Another is to develop actionable calls-to-action (CTAs) that compel and propel prospects to act: follow the six second rule, utilize clear and concise bullet points and highlight program benefits.  Lastly, you must test site placements, creative layouts and CTAs for continued optimization.

In the following two examples, Lands' End and show how they effectively sell the subscribe via a site banner and a universal bannner.

Incorporate a sign-up site overlay

The homepage is an important piece of real-estate on your website and needs to have a sign-up site overlay.  Drive customers and prospects to interact with the form by offering an incentive to filling out additional information.  Test layouts and CTA buttons via a phased testing approach.

In this example, Tory Burch does an excellent job of utilzing both a sign-up and welcome overlay on their main homepage.

Utilize a cross-channel approach

An important imperative for marketers is to get more information on their customers.  It is not always necessary to be selling.  By implementing a cross-channel approach you can engage customers to give you additional details about themselves to help you fill out a more robust profile.  

In this example, Toys R Us uses an approach where they have the customers mobile number and ask for: first name, last name, zip code (which will help them overlay data by matching names to zip codes) and then email.  The premise is that they are able to better tailor marketing messages to this particular consumer and can provide customized deals and alerts for them.

Build smart partner campaigns

By working with a partner, you should be able to captivate and engage a similar subscription audience.  The call to action should promote the partner through each program's own distinct voice, look and feel. Additionally, both templates should promote the other program without sacrificing the overall esthetic.

West Elm and Etsy teamed up on this partner campaign to promote an Etsy pop-up at a local West Elm store while also promoting that they have a page available on Etsy's website

There are a lot of great options for marketers to implement into a growth strategy for 2016.  The above are a few ways that marketers can acquire more prospects as well as additional information on their customers.  The key is to look for opportunities within your program such as where it might make sense to partner with a company who has similar customers.  

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Kimberly Snyder

As a Sr. Marketing Strategist at Yes Marketing, Kimberly helps clients develop and optimize best in class customer marketing communication strategies. She creates robust omni-channel program visions, capturing the customer experience and leveraging customer data, to create personalized and relevant lifecycle strategies. She applies her vast marketing experience, running multiple IR500 programs, to propel clients program KPIs quarter over quarter. Follow her on Twitter @kimberlysnyder - it's worth it - she was recently named among the ‘75 Email Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow’ by Atomic Reach.