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3 Tips To Implementing A Flash Sale

Flash Sale

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer a day for some retailers, but a whole week.  And it seems that around the holidays there is something going on every day pre-Thanksgiving to post-New Year.  Besides these official event days (weeks) some retailers have mastered the art of offering rich promotional offers for extended periods, from free shipping to heavy discounts. Some whose business model is built off offering 20% every day.

With Cyber Monday revenues alone up 12% in 2015, retailers are being increasingly asked to implement cyber day’s throughout the year - a la Amazon’s Prime Day in July of last year.’ve already planned out your marketing campaigns for the year.  So, what do you do in order to not oversaturate your customer base and potentially lose money?


Well, the answer is quite simple.  Consumers love the word “sale” and will gravitate towards them. They love to feel like they are getting the best price on every item,  and ecommerce continues to allow consumers the power to price shop effectively cross-brand.  And the impact on retailers is real.

Seasonal planning is becoming that much more challenging (systematic linear planning is out the window) and as a retailer, you need to continue to react faster, and smarter.  Consumers will go where the “sales” are hot.  So be prepared.  

  1. Plan your flash day ahead of time as part of your marketing strategy
  2. Incorporate the word "sale"
  3. Be fluid and plan on making changes to it as things shift, competitors come out with new tricks, and the world happens.


If you can do this all while mapping out the right strategy to stay profitable you’ll be a hero.  And if you can make a consumer feel like they are winning, you will win in turn. So, let the games continue….

Author Bio

Erin Gade

Erin Gade is a marketing strategist in Yes Marketing’s Agency Services. In this role she aids clients with marketing strategy planning based on their distinct business goals and objectives. With nearly a decade of experience, Erin has worked both the agency and client side. Primarily focused on CRM and marketing planning, digital marketing has been a key player throughout. With two young boys, toddler and infant aged, there is never a dull moment. She enjoys family time, both home and afar.