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Introducing Yesmail Data Intelligence: a Single Solution for Improved Deliverability and Optimal Email Marketing ROI

Minimize Bulking and Blacklisting Through Comprehensive Data Hygiene

PORTLAND, OR – April 16, 2013 –Yesmail Interactive, an Infogroup company which powers intelligent customer interactions, today announced the release of Yesmail Data Intelligence. The service is designed to improve users’ email deliverability rates through comprehensive data hygiene resulting in a cleaner subscriber database. Yesmail Data Intelligence is available to all marketers, regardless of ESP and Yesmail affiliation.

Yesmail Data Intelligence is a best-in-class data hygiene service that enables marketers to verify subscribers’ email addresses. Ensuring the validity of their email data prevents marketers from sending messages to spam trap email addresses, as well as non-existent or closed-down accounts. This significantly reduces the risk of serious deliverability issues including blacklisting, major ISP blocking, and excessive bounce rates.

"Ensuring optimal deliverability rates has become a priority for marketers since even the smallest deliverability issue can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue loss," said Jason Warnock, Vice President Market Intelligence and Measurement, Yesmail Interactive. "One of the most effective ways for marketers to ensure their messages are consistently reaching their customers’ inboxes is to maintain a clean database and perform data hygiene on a regular basis. In our experience, marketers who achieve highest deliverability rates typically scrub their lists on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on their subscriber acquisition rates."

With Yesmail Data Intelligence, marketers are able to identify faulty email addresses and clean their databases before campaign deployment, thus protecting their sending reputation and optimizing their deliverability rates. In addition, this service has been designed to identify known malicious email accounts and domains within a sender’s database that can cause major email blocks or delays on active email programs. Key uses for Yesmail Data Intelligence include:

  • On-going Data Hygiene: removes invalid or closed-down accounts and domains from new-to-file subscriber lists
  • Email Confirmation Process: validates all newly opted-in email addresses prior to deploying welcome campaigns
  • Reactivation Campaigns: verifies subscriber data prior to re-engaging inactive contacts
  • Onboarding Process: ensures any questionable or problematic email data is verified or removed when changing ESPs to prevent the migration of deliverability problems from one provider to the next

“The addition of Yesmail Data Intelligence is a tremendous benefit to our service suite,” said Michael Fisher, President of Yesmail Interactive. “Using this service, we recently analyzed many of our clients’ subscriber data and discovered that as much as 33% of some databases consisted of non-existent users. This discovery protected our clients from a variety of deliverability issues and saved them thousands of dollars in email deployment costs.” 

To learn more about how Yesmail Data Intelligence can help improve your deliverability rate, call 1-877-YESMAIL, email or visit

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