Demographic & Behavioral Targeting

(Targeting Data Packs)

Better Personalization for Better Results

The most successful marketing campaigns are built on a comprehensive understanding of your customers – are they men or women, are they married, do they have children, where do they live, what are their lifestyles and attitudes, their incomes and spending patterns?

Supported by an industry leading data-provider, Yesmail360i provides marketers with data and insights that are proven to deliver results. Yesmail360i users have instant access to a standard group of broadly applicable demographic attributes. Even when using a simple demographic attribute such as gender to improve message targeting and content, marketers can drive significant value and considerable revenue for their cross-channel campaigns.

For brands looking to further enhance their marketing programs, Yesmail360i offers data packages for specific industries and consumer behaviors focused on rising above the competition. These Targeting Data Packs span various industries and cover a wide range of behaviors, attitudes, and interests to help tailor cross-channel campaigns specifically to your business.

Available Data Packages

Standard Consumer Package
It consists of 7 standard demographic attributes including:

  • Age of Individual
  • Gender of Individual
  • Marital Status
  • Presence of Children in Household
  • Education Level
  • Household Income
  • Homeowner Indicator

Premium Packages
These extended Targeting Data Packs include comprehensive consumer interest and industry data including:

  • 4 Industry Level Packs with 8-10 attributes, depending on the industry (Multichannel Retail, Restaurant & Food, Entertainment, Hospitality & Food)
  • 4 Behavioral, Attitudinal, & Interests Packs with 8-10 attributes, depending on the industry (Online Behavior & Technology, Exercise & Outdoor Activities, Sports Fan, Personal Finance & Wealth)

Custom Packages
If our extensive list of Targeting Data Packs does not suit a marketer’s needs, we can create a custom Targeting Data Pack specific to the brand’s marketing initiatives and business goals. This custom package can incorporate any attribute from our consumer or business file thus bringing you closer to you customers. To get more information on our comprehensive national consumer file of over 20 categories and 110 attributes, please fill out the Contact Us form below.

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