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Getting your direct mail campaign ready for the holiday's

Holiday Season

We're moving into the most lucrative season of the year - Christmas.  As a marketer, this is the time you've planned, budgeted, and waited for all year.  You've spent long hours working with merchandising to make sure you have the right discounts and prices in place, your messaging is getting its final touches, and you're ready to reap all the rewards for your hardwork.  But, have you made sure to pay attention to your data?  

A few key points:

  1. Bad data costs businesses upwards of $600 billion annually.
  2. The average company wastes $180,000 every year on direct mail.
  3. Companies that implement data quality best practices improve revenue by 66 percent.

With so much time, resources, and budget dedicated to holiday campaigns, you need to make sure you have accurate and relevant data in order to increase deliverability and conversion rates.

The following 4 tips can easily be implemented before your mail drops to ensure your data is clean, accurate and most importantly - actionable.

1. Utilize a full suite of address hygiene products

  • This will be the best chance for you to identify all movers and bad addresses, and make any corrections before you mail.

2. Update and append data before you send

  • This will help you identify and segment your audience to ensure your message is more contextually relevant.

3. Use mail scores

  • Dropping bad addresses with deliverable scores from your campaign can significantly improve not only deliverability rates, but also decrease the amount of wasted spend.

4. Look beyond address hygiene

  • Use things such as suppression files (do not contact, deceased, etc)
  • Match your data to a 3rd party file for improved accuracy and additional data points

Before you mail, I urge you to think about the last time you've had your data reviewed and cleansed.  In comparison, the minimal time spent doing so could drastically increase the performance of your holiday campaigns.

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Author Bio

Eric Niebergall

Eric Niebergall is our resident data processing expert. Having been with Yes Lifecycle Marketing and Infogroup since 1993, Eric brings a wealth of insight, thought leadership and best practices to the direct marketing industry. As Director of our Data Processing products, Eric oversees all operational aspects of our clients' data processing needs.