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Finding Your Way Through The Clouds

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In choosing a cloud solution for your digital marketing platform you may technically find the “right” answer, but in reality it could be wrong. Not all solutions are alike. Some are focused on technology and not strategic services. Others do not provide for a point for omni-channel solutions. Some do not provide data solutions and some technologies are a loosely tied collection of applications. 

Marketers should consider adding expertise and data capabilities alongside the technology elements of Cloud solutions.  Experienced data experts might recommend injecting external data to help achieve marketing objectives. In many cases today, data created and maintained outside your company is becoming as important as the data acquired from internal sources. For example instead of just getting information about when a customer made a purchase, you will be able to get information about what led up to that purchase, what web pages they looked at, what other events are going on in their lives, what they said in social media streams like Facebook, Twitter, or on a blog, etc.  Another example is that many marketers feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume of customer data or channel data and/or customer preference data. Coordinating and orchestrating strategies to scale can be daunting tasks even for the most sophisticated marketers. Read more on this topic here:

The emerging need for Agency services.

The irony is technology advancement hasn’t made email marketing an easier proposition. 

User Interfaces have become easier to use and have lessened the need for added expertise to build campaigns. Marketers no longer have to lean on resources offered by Email Service Providers.  However email marketing has become more complicated.  Today mobile strategy has to be designed to integrate with other channels and leverage multiple data sources.  Now greater expertise is needed to maximize results. 

The return of investment (ROI) for email marketing is a known premium.  Therefore 50% to 60% of marketers are turning to Agency Services.  Creative, analytical and deliverability services are the most used but production tied with strategy is also utilized.  The growing service could be analytics as marketers realize the value of measurement and attribution models.  ESP teams and independent agencies expert at digital and/or email marketing tend to be the preferred choice by most marketers.  Their experience in this growing complex medium is now understood.

Bottom line is the growing complexities of multi-channel digital marketing are leading marketers to look at solution providers that provide a lot more than just technology. 


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David Stodd

Dave has over a decade of experience in the email marketing space. In between was a stint as a Loan Officer with Flagstar Bank. Prior to @Once (Yes Marketing's original form), Dave worked in the Inside Sales Group for a Custom Label manufacturer. His primary role at Yes Marketing is generating and developing Leads for the Sales Team. He answers all incoming web inquiries and also reaches out to those who download information. Dave holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Oregon State University and remains a passionate Beaver fan and is reborn artist-painter-blogger.