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A Cross-Channel Approach to Transactional Communications

To cater to consumer expectations, marketers should leverage a cross-channel approach.

Transactional communications provide pivotal opportunities for brands to build loyalty, trust, customer satisfaction and, in turn, incremental sales. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve more and more customers yearn to receive transactional communications not just through email. Customers want brands to give them options to receive transactional messaging in other ways. To cater to consumer expectations, marketers should leverage a cross-channel approach.

Brands should consider incorporating the following cross-channel transactional touch points as part of their communication strategy:


1. Pick up your order in-store

Brands offering a site-to-store pick up option should enable customers to choose whether they want their communications via email or SMS. Target gives customers the opportunity to provide their communication preference when picking up their order in-store. Here’s an example of their SMS touch point:

2. Your order has shipped

Customers want to know when their orders have shipped and many would like to receive this notification not only via email but through SMS as well. Amazon offers this option:

3. Your order has been delivered

An enhanced transactional touch point to incorporate into your program is notifying customers when their orders have been delivered via email and/or SMS. Amazon sends this SMS message when an order has been delivered to a customer:

4. Thanks for your order

Another enhanced transactional touch point to surprise and delight customers is sending a ‘Thanks for your order!’ email and/or SMS. Saks Fifth Avenue sends a nice ‘thank you’ email several weeks after your order has been delivered:

By incorporating a cross-channel approach for transactional communications brands will effectively meet customer expectations and provide an enhanced customer experience.

One of the biggest challenges standing between marketers and effective cross-channel programs is the variety of tools required to execute them. Having multiple solutions to fulfill their marketing needs often means that brands cannot be as nimble and proactive with their campaigns as consumers expect them to be. In addition, integration and support for different marketing tools can require a significant amount of time and resources as well as technical skills that brand marketers rarely have time to master.

To tackle these challenges and create cross-channel communication strategies effortlessly, marketers can partner with Yes Lifecycle Marketing and leverage their robust all-in-one cross-channel marketing platform – Yesmail360i.

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