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Competitive Data: Means to a Customer-Centric End

7 Marketing Channels, 1 Interface

2013 is just under way, but the catchphrase du jour from 2012—“Big Data”—continues to buzz about. Last year alone, 5 billion gigabytes of consumer data were collected over the Internet each day. To put that number into perspective, just imagine if nearly every person in the U.S. owned a 16GB iPhone.

There are myriad articles out there that use terms like “Big, Bad Data” and emphasize the challenges of successfully collecting and analyzing it. However, while it may be challenging for marketers to effectively utilize Big Data, the insights derived from it can lead to Big Opportunity.

In particular, competitive data can be a means for marketers to achieve customer-centric outcomes, such as using individual behavior patterns and preferences to engage consumers in new ways. If you have the right Go-Go-Gadget (i.e., a hybrid tool that both collects and analyzes data), it can provide critical insights into your competitors’ initiatives that can easily help you reshape and improve your own marketing strategy in the following key digital channels:

  1. Email
  2. Display Ads
  3. Web
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. YouTube
  7. Google+


This year, don’t forget that Big Data and Email Marketers have been bedfellows for decades and competitive insights can allow your brand to offer more targeted, relevant and in short, better, experiences to your target customers. Of course, these types of insights often come at the price of time-consuming and daunting manual data pulls with no efficient alternatives. In other words, as multichannel competitive data has become readily available, new technology has lagged in providing a way for marketers to successfully track, report, and analyze it.

To close this gap, today, we released the latest version of our competitive intelligence tool, Yesmail Market Intelligence, a single platform that collects campaign and engagement data from the seven digital channels listed above. By eliminating the need for manual data pulls, mining and presentation development, the tool lets marketers analyze campaign performance and improve their programs through insights into their competitors’ strategy. For example, through a partnership with the Mark Cuban-sponsored tool MixRank, Yesmail Market Intelligence grants marketers access to creative and performance metrics, such as number of views, for display ads across the Google AdSense network. Market Intelligence also provides screenshots of competitors’ website pages as well as in-depth engagement and deliverability metrics for email campaigns, including inboxing rates, open rates, delete after open rates, and delete without open rates.

In the end, Big Data shouldn’t cause you to lose sleep at night. However, if it does, you should be restless thinking about the boundless possibilities it provides for your marketing campaigns.

Author Bio

Jason Warnock

Jason Warnock is a seasoned veteran of digital marketing. After creating successful email applications for Canadian bank CIBC (2004), Jason initiated and managed Deliverability Operations for Digital Connexxions (2006) implementing several key strategies for major publishing clients. After a successful acquisition of Digital Connexxions in 2006 by infoUSA, Jason proceeded to become Director of Deliverability for Yes Marketing (2007) followed by VP of Deliverability Services for Yes Marketing (2011). Jason has transformed Yes Marketing's Deliverability into an industry leading solution through enhanced offerings of technology and client services. Jason has designed successful technical and business strategies for several large Fortune 500 companies including: HP, Coke, Kodak, Facebook, eBay,, and United Airlines.