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5 Key Email Opportunities to Implement This Holiday Season

Holiday Season

Even though we're already at the mid-point of Q4, it is never too late to enhance and optimize your most effective marketing programs for the holiday season.  In this post, we will go over five key opportunities which can propel your email program's KPIs this year.

1. Leverage critical elements within your existing email template to promote the holiday shopping season and brand differentiators.

One way to do this, is by branding your email header for the holiday season as in the example below:

You can also showcase holiday services and differentiators within your footer such as personalization, gift wrapping, free returns and critical shipping dates:

2. Incorporate cross-channel promotions to drive in-store traffic and additional opportunities to shop your brand.

Highlight special in-store events and offers

Provide sneak peeks to holiday catalogs and gift guides

3. Create urgency on critical shopping days (or even on in-between days) by planning flash sales. You can do this by utilizing a countdown timer.

4. Engage shoppers by sending promotional emails with inspirational and value added content.

Bring your brand to life through storytelling via social sharing

Enhance the overall customer experience by providing value added content that showcases your brand and products

5. Leverage your customer data to enable your program to stand out by being more relevant and personal

Incorporate personalization seamlessly to create a more one to one experience

Create targeted affinity touchpoints based on past purchase history (e.g. a limited time exclusive offer to come back and shop a category or brand)

By implementing one or more of these key opportunities, you can further optimize your email program for this holiday season!  For more information on holiday tips and tricks, check out our holiday resources toolkit.

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Kimberly Snyder

As a Sr. Marketing Strategist at Yes Marketing, Kimberly helps clients develop and optimize best in class customer marketing communication strategies. She creates robust omni-channel program visions, capturing the customer experience and leveraging customer data, to create personalized and relevant lifecycle strategies. She applies her vast marketing experience, running multiple IR500 programs, to propel clients program KPIs quarter over quarter. Follow her on Twitter @kimberlysnyder - it's worth it - she was recently named among the ‘75 Email Marketing Influencers You Need To Follow’ by Atomic Reach.