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Cross-channel marketing platforms allow you to plan, create and deploy all customer touchpoints from a single environment rather than managing multiple solutions with limited capabilities. This means you can collect, manage and analyze all customer data in the same platform you use to define and target audience segments, build and deploy cross-channel campaigns and measure program performance. We offer our own proprietary cross-channel application Yesmail360i used by brands around the world as well solutions featuring third party marketing applications such as Adobe, IBM, Alterian, and more.

Campaign Planning

From a single screen and in real time, create a cross-channel map of the customer journey, complete with the ability to select different creatives for each path, create conditional workflows and run integrated tests for each channel.

Advanced Segmentation

Within our solutions you can house, visualize, and transform extensive customer data spanning email, purchase, web, social, SMS, in-store, and display and use it to build audience segments with millions of counts, in seconds, via a simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Actionable Analytics

Explore the composition of your customer base in real time by creating a visual representation of any customer data point. This helps you more easily identify the audience components you want to target, test, engage and convert.

In-Depth Reporting

Instantly generate sophisticated reports for each marketing channel including customer history reports, performance reports, channel specific reports, subscriber reports, and many more.

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